Austin Moore

In October 1964 to April 1965, I, Auston “Budda” Moore served my first tour in Vietnam with 1St Special Forces Group, TDY Team 114 assigned to Suoi Da, RVN. My second tour was in June 1966 with MAC V SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group), Forward Operational Base #2, Kontum as the 1-2 (One-Two) of Spike Team Florida until February 1967 when the team was transferred to Forward Operational Base #1, Phu Bai I returned to Vietnam for a third tour in 1968 with 5th Special Forces Group (ABN) assigned to A- 415 Tuyen Nhon and finished my tour with B-4 1, Muc Hao, RVN.
The beret I am holding the in picture below is my original and was worn during my three tours in Vietnam until I later retired from the 12th Special Forces Group (ABN).

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